21 June 2012

I'm a barbie...Demon...Girl...

Hey Fashionistas

For some reason I wanted to be cute/demonic and I ended up with this Barbie Demoness type look but I am really happy with it my wives and Kyle seemed to approve of it as well. I went with another simple background but I'm MUCH happier with these pics than I was with the last ones
I took a nice stroll through marketplace after being with NO linden for so long and I ran across this outfit from Enelya's Creation. I used to shop there a lot and now I remember why. I love the fact that she offers choice with her mesh by providing a nifty little texture HUD. I bought the Lenah outfit comes with the skirt and top I have on it comes in different colors but you already know I picked the pink. The shoes are also from there too..The fetish shoes (yes the name did draw me to them) in the colorful pack. 

And as you all may notice. I love to change forms and was hunting for cute not so dangerous looking horns and found some from Eternal Darkness that made me feel slightly more dangerous but not too dangerous to ask for my number? What do you think? hehe. 

I guess you could say...I'm a barbie girl? In a barbie world? made of pixels not plastic cuz I'm a special type of barbie.

My Barbie Gear
Skin: Illusory - Love in Milk C88 Exclusive May Collection
Shape: Lili Shape Mesh Modify
Eyes: A.D.D. Andel - Easter Eyes
Hair: Exile - London Rain in Chardonnay
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow Shaper 1
Neck Tattoo: Para Designs - Neck Star in White
Blush: Dead Apples - AnimeFace C
Eyeliner: Dead Apples - Liquid Eyeliner 
Lipstick: Pink Acid - Summer Brights Lipstick in Pink
Teeth: Izzies - Teeth 3
Nail Polish: Rezlpsa Loc - Hot Hot Pink Nails
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Top: Enelya's Creations - Lenah Top
Bottom: Enelya's Creations - Lenah Skirt
Panties: My Pinkie Skull - Thong in Pink
Shoes: Enelya's Creations - Fetish Platform (Colorful Pack)
Ring: HollyWierd - Kawaii Star Ring #9 Kawaii Fair Exclusive
Earrings: HollyWierd - Pinky Skullz
Horns/Back Horn: Eternal Darkness - Horns of Sin
Ears: Hebenon Vial - Pierced Ears 3.0
Bangle Left: Alterego - Bangles in Silver
Bangle Right: Alterego - Bangles x 3 Silver
Tail: Lemon Tea - Upright Demon Tail

Prop & Pose
Adorkable - Je T'aime 

Barbie Girl By Aqua

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