10 June 2012

Monkeying Around!


I know...we missed each other so much you could barely contain yourselves but I am here with banana in my mouth. Wayyyy back I think I told you guys a cute little banana/Plantain mix up I had at a friends house. Well guess what? I ran into her in the store a couple of days ago and we giggled about it together. I am so happy to be running into old RL friends

Thing about me being back in boston from Miami for 6 years is I can't seem to find all of my old friends or sadly...they have passed on or are not doing well...It give me great relief to see them happy and healthy doing something extraordinary like getting drafted to the NFL or becoming owner of a well known franchise *sigh* my extraordinary RL is just around the corner I can just feel it. I already have an extraordinary SL with all of you but I want the whole shebang

Today's look was inspired by "Zoo" A while back I ran into this awesome zoo but then my internet was wonky and when I logged back on it had sent me to a safehub and since then I couldn't refind it. Soooo instead of finding a zoo...I made myself a zoo animal TADA....that and I wanted to parade around in some panties. Cute & Sexy is the way to go I have a few people who would agree

Toodles Y'all

Love Always

My Monkey Suit
Skin: Hush - Grace in Natural
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: A.D.D Andel - EasterEyes in Dots
Hair: Exile - Bring It On in Babydoll
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow Shaper 1
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Face
Mascara: Glamorize - Glam Mascara 02
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Lipstick: Censored - Paty Gloss 1
Tattoo: Delusions - Original Gangsta
Top: Censored - Mariah Blouse Color Blocking Event
Bottom: Bishes -  Panties in Rose
Shoes: Happy Undead - Overknee Fluff Boots in Pink/White
Bracelet: Sleeping Koala - Shiny Bangles in Spring Accesories Hunt
Ears & Tail: Panda Express - Munkey Set in Bubble Gum
Glasses: Eclectica - Glasses
Banana: YANAROXX - Banana Dream
Nails: Candy Nail: Love To You in Pink
Ring: Designs By Sebastian - 5 Band Ring Accessories Hunt
Posing By Glitterati

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