22 June 2012

Inner Goddess

Heya my Yummy Readers!

*Sighs* Something about the Roman beauty and the Grecian flow of fabrics always catches my eye. I've always wanted to be a goddess or something in that era. Lucky for me SL was invented yay.

I have a habit when I get into relationships of giving my EVERYTHING to whoever I'm with letting my happiness becoming making them happy even when its not something that really makes me happy. I guess you can say...I let my inner goddess fly away from me but I have to tell you fashionista ladies and gents, I'm a goddess again. 

I have recently felt so free, so alive, so ready to take flight both SL and RL lately. I'm not sure what it is I'm just so relieved to feel happy with all aspects of me-ness.

There are bright men out there that believe we are goddesses dropped to give them a glimpse of the divine heavens. Isn't it amazing yet tragic we barely ever see that in ourselves? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're a goddess. If you're a man reading this (which would be totally amazing) tell important women in your life they're goddesses!

Remember love starts from the inside of yourself if you have that no one else really has to....but they will

Love you always

My Goddess Couture
Skin: Hush - Grace in Smokey Pink
Shape: My Own Shape mesh version
Eyes: Anara - Customeyes
Hair: Lelutka - Jolie Hair in Walnut Whip (Dark Brunette)
Hairbase: Happyface - Eyebrow Shaper 1
Eyeshadow: Chelle - Dusty in Soft Pink
Teeth: Izzies - Teeth 3
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure Nails texture change
Dress: Jane - Summer Maxi Dress in Fiona Milk/Powder SALE on things pre-standard sizing
Shoes: deeR - Coliseo Sandals Kawaii Fair Special
Necklace/Earrings: Donna Flora - Justine Set
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer - White South Sea Pearl
Posing By: Purple Poses
Location: Skybox Nirvana 

Pearl by Katy Perry

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