12 June 2012

Why So Serial?! Smile a Little!

Today is all giggles all smiles you don't like it?

 You will! Cuz we're just that awesome. Today I feel like smiles and giggles and good times and all things that tickle! My dear fashionistas....I am soooo in love. This is the greatest love I've ever had and its going to last forever....

I love fashion! It's amazing! It has never treated me wrong sure we have our fights like "IS pink really the new black?" but he always gives in and let's me win lolol in other words guys...I'm freakin happy these days just going through my closet in SL

Today's blog is inspired by "Happy" The word happy. I'm so happy right now I think I could burp glitter! Have I mentioned I'm happy!?! YAY!

RL I ran into a bad fashion day being an obese woman RL I have a hard time finding things that fit AND make me happy. Great thing about SL is EVERYTHING can fit. I never feel too fat or too skinny.

My Happy Stuff!
Skin: Hush - Grace in Honey
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: A.D.D Andel - Easter Eyes in Normal (Dots)
Hair: Exile - Famous for nothing in Frost
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow Shaper 1
Eyeshadow: Glamorize - Back To Basics in Moon Touch
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Girl
Lipstick: Glamorize - Flair Lips in Fuschia
Nails: Virtual Insanity - Lacey Spring Nails
Dress: Alterego - Love Dress Mesh Around Hunt
Stockings: Sexy in Pink - Fishnets in White
Shoes: Random Inspiration - Cora Wedge Heels
Necklace: Virtual Insanity - Lacey Spring Necklace
Bracelet: Edge Grafica - 37 Bracelet in Silver/White
Tails: How Vexing - Neko Tail in Persian White
Ears: Wild Ear - White
Song For The Moment

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