30 June 2012

Relaxing Endeavors

Fashionistas! I'm back!

I think I told you all last time I was sick and I wasn't feeling that smooth and sexy...wellll....It later that night decided to tear me a new one. I ended up having to to get some real care and whatnot. I had a sinus infection and dehydration to the extreme but I am slowly feeling better my doctor wants me to relax but well...I can't relax not doing something I love so very much...

I guess you can say today blog is inspired by relaxation. As much as I DO love blogging my last few days of doing absolutely nothing were nice too but only in moderation I had to get back to the important things in life FASHION and TAKING PICTURES! and BORING YOU ALL WITH MY STORIES!!!! Lol you guys make me complete in ways that not many would understand.

I was raiding my Gram's bathroom closet a few nights ago and found some AMAZING bath salts (The non Zombie making kind) She had Vanilla and lavender and Sweet pea ahhh the sweet peas. I sat in the bath for hours it was an epic night of reading and soaking the sickness away. Other than the occasional kitten jumping in and then looking upset wrapped in a towel to dry...it was a stress free night 

To all my lovely designers I have no ignored your items you ever so generously gave to me. I've just been sick but plan on showing off the great things I've received in the days to come as well as getting back into SL traveling about and looking at all those beautiful sims!

Love you all forever

Squeaky Time Outfit
Skin: Hush - Grace in Natural (Honey tone)
Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE
Eyes: Insufferable Dastards - Thank You Gift Freebie
Hair: Calico Creations - Adora in White
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow Shaper 3
Lashes: CoG Design - Prim Lashes #2 (LOVE THEM)
Teeth: Izzies - Teeth #3
Nails: Mandala -  Milky Way Nails in Polly White
Top: SK Designs - Insomnium Top in Pink
Bottoms: SK Designs - Insomnium Knickers in Pink
Pasties: Insanya - Tape Pasties in Pink
Feet: Gaeline Creations - Flat Bare Feet
Ears: Wild Ears in white
Tail: Panda Express - Tail Bits Plain
Necklace: Yulicie - Strawberry Ice Necklace
Waffle: Severed Garden - Waffle (Part of Good Morning outfit)
Posings By: Adorkable Poses, Glitterati & Zen Creations
Bathroom Set By: Zen Creations

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