04 June 2012

Zombie People

So...I'm a little late but I'm sure you all heard that...we as humans....are turning into zombies via bathsalts...all I could say when reading this is "Wait....what?"

See this story puzzles me in more than one way lets start with...

Bath Salts
Thanks to people that try to blatantly get high from EVERYTHING including yes...cat urine poor bath salts take the blame for people's faces getting eaten off. I love bath salts...FOR MY BATH I never looked at them and wondered "How high can these make me and will I get the urge to eat human flesh?" nothing in the word "bath salt" makes me wanna snort it ow...talk about painful right? now imagine the people that do it more than once they already have a tolerance for pain I can never understand

Wow...never in my day did I think I'd have to hear "Be careful there are zombies out there" and have to actually take them seriously. I always chuckled at the semi dead creatures in movies but if I saw one in RL I'd most likely poop my pants and run off crying like a biznitch....for serious. In 2012...we have zombies...I'm afraid (and intrigued) what will come next?

So in conclusion all: Don't snort things you have no business snorting....and don't eat brains...

Well at least don't eat brains without consent...

Love always

My Zombie Protection
Skin: Essences - Rowena in Tan New release available at Chic
Shape: My own shape not for sale
Eyes: Customeyes
Hair: Clawtooth - Pretty words in Soil (Brunette Pack) 50 percent off sale!
Hairbase: Happy Face - Eyebrow shaper 3
Tattoo (Leg): Para Designs - Goth Candy
Blush & Teeth: Dead Apples - Anime Girl
Lipstick: Essences - Rowena Lipstick 06
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Nails: WTG - French Nails
Dress: Bitch Tail - Targeted
Boots: Ten10 - Megas Boots in White
Panties: Es Cusi - My Panties in red
Necklace: Stars - Adrienne Necklace in White Accessories hunt
Bracelet 1 (Right): Acid & Mala - Messed Memory Wire Set in Silver/Red
Bracelet 2 (left): Edge Grafica - 37 bracelets in Silver/White
Horns: Lemon Tea - Bestia Cornu in Silver
Tail: Lemon Tea - Fluffy Tail in white
Bag: HOC - Hemp Bag
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Smile with Plugs
Ears: MV - Kawaii Plug Ears Accessories Hunt
Card in Mouth: Nibbles - Credit Card

Posing by: Serenade Poses
Song for the moment
Join Me in Death Cover by HIM

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  1. LOVE these pics!!!! Thank you so much for blogging Bitch Tail please send me one of these to hang on the store wall xoxo