16 October 2012

"Fair" est Skins in the land Pt 1

Hey loves. 

As you may have noticed I've been resting easy with one skin for quite some time but that doesn't mean I don't still find skins like a mad person but I think it may be a bit easier that way and who knows maybe I'll be able to cover more amazing things for you.

I do want to show off skins all over the place because well if you haven't noticed fashion is my passion and its my truest passion if you haven't noticed and well...I honestly love doing what I do sooooo....

I want to show you guys a few skins found around the grid from some amazing fairs are you ready....here we go

Modish has done it again! A pretty skin for the Boho Culture fair called bonnie I LOVED the way it looked on my face made me look like a strong but beautiful b...uhhh....lady :D

I've been noticing alot that many skins now look different with my new computer so not sure if she changed the tones a little or if they just look different because of my graphics either way I'm happy as heck. This skin comes with dark and a light base no blond but it can work with darker blonds. It also comes with cleavage versions (shown above) as well as the amazing lipstick shown below

So pretty right? Go get them! Dun Wait! See you later mwahs 

Love Always 

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