24 October 2012

Late Night Lounger | Furniture Stuff!

Hey late night readers (And good morning early birds) 
For some reason I couldn't sleep so I stayed up and sat in my SL home for about an hour...yep I said SL home hehe many people don't even believe that I have one but its there but I enjoy spending my days on constant shopping trips *nodnods*.....

After about an hour I really started wanting new furniture which rarely happens I have to tell you I haven't furniture shopped in like.....ever so I took a little stroll through marketplace for some livingroom sets since I only buy sets because unmatched pieces make me rageface. I ran across a cute name (LEGIT Fact: Cute names win me over) and was all "Hmm Fuzzy Bee...must shop here" and I got this very cute and affordable sitting area I super love.

This set is called Granger Seating Set and I love the green tones in. Its comes with most of the things in the picture minus a few little Lili touches that will be credited OF COURSE *Kawaii Fayce*
I hate saying negative things on my blog but....if you're looking for a couch set with cute sitting animations you may not like these *claps hands over mouth* BUT I have my own sits if I want to get fancy so I didn't mind it. The animations are not BAD but they are not custom animations in the set.

On the clothing side. I really wanted a nice laid back type look and I'm super bad with my inventory lately so I didn't right away open this super cute dress from Sugar & Cyanide not because its not adorabacute just because RL has been hectic. Its in this round of 60 mesh Atelier and its called Army brat stop on in and pick up the goodies hehe
And now....I sleep lmao I will see you guys later today *Mwahs*

Love Always

Loungin Outfit
Skin: Pink Fuel - Kumi in Peach
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes in Rainshower Shadow
Hair: Elikatira - Listen in Brown 04
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure
Dress: Sugar & Cyanide - Army Dress in Atelier
Shoes: Gaeline Creations - Chloe Sandals
Headband: Lagyo - Catty Headband
Crayons: Robin Wood's AV Store - Crayon Group 5 The Arcade
Piggy Bank:  Sways - Piggy Bank in White
The Arcade  
Tea Set: Poche - Green Tea Set
Everything Else is the set
Fuzzy Bee - Granger Seating Set

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