04 October 2012

The Hunter...Envious Edition

Hey guys sorry about the absence last night had a LONG day. I had to do the monthly food shopping in real life and whatnot. Us humans gotta eat you know lol. When I logged on a friend of mine told me about the simwide hunt happening at Envious called The Halloween Hunt. There are I believe 60 ghosties scattered around the sim with prizes my only hint is LOOK EVERYWHERE. I put on my favorite 3 finds so far but I still gotta go back and find more maybe we will run into each other. Keep on reading for pics!

 Outfit: Envious - Hey Kitty Kitty

Outfit: Envious - Happy Halloween

 Outfit: Envious - Snaked

Background is By Katink! Run and grab it up for all your autumn picture needs! Its found in the Trick Or Treat Trails hunt

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