07 December 2012

Don't Ever Call me Doll

Hey Fashion Heads!
I meant to write a blog posting this morning with the amazing look I'm lounging around in BUT when I flicked on my television Space Jam was on OH I feel like I was a fetus when that movie came out but its still super cute to watch. I loved the Monstars lol I have to say the best line of the movie was spoken by Lola and it sticks in my head whenever someone mistakes me for feeble or stupid "Don't EVER call me doll" *giggles* You guys are special though so you can call me doll all you want hehe
I went with a fun, cutesy, type look today just for hopping around and hanging with some friends. I have been stopping by The Sugar Garden a lot lately and I bought some of thier clothing. Today I have on the Too Tiny Sweater. It's not the NEWEST creation but its super adorable isn't it? You can pick this up from The Boobies Show. I got pink OF COURSE but there are many adorable ones there to choose from. 

I was going to blog last night but I got word about another cute little gacha event called the POP UP Gacha it has some really cute things available for you including these cute horns I got from half deer. These are one of the rare versions of the Lamb Horns. I got lucky and got it my second try and its only 50L a play so I played a few times to get a nice variety

I just wanted to share this look with you all. <___< my mom captured me for the weekend again. Mwah and Happy Shopping 

Love Always
What I Have On
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby B Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eyes: Modish - Mesh L I V E Eyes in Equa
♡ Hair: Magika - Quote (Color Pack 02) New Release
♡ Breasts: Lolas Tango
♡ Hands: The Sugar Garden - Lumiere B Mesh Hands
♡ Lipstick: The Sugar Garden - LiquiShine Pink
♡ Eyeliner: Gaeline Creations - Makeup Liner V1 in Black
♡ Eye Makeup: Chelle - Dusty in Soft Pink
Teeth: PXL - Mouth Open Addon
♡ Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails in *Slightly Chewed Bubblegum*
♡ Wounds: Dark Midday Designs - Knee Wounds
♡ Top: The Sugar Garden - Too Tiny Sweater in Pink The Boobies Show
♡ Skirt: Splash - Jeans White Skirt
♡ Panties: Sakide - Valentin Slide em off panties in Hearts 3
♡ Shoes: Eneyla's Creations - Ysaline Heels
♡ Necklace: Love Soul - Necklace in Bear White S Gatcha Prize
♡ Tongue: Scrub - Omnigirl Tongue
♡ Face Stars: Ni.Ju - Face Stars in Pink Gatcha Prize
♡ Horns: Half Deer - Lamb Horns in Dreaming (Rare) Pop Up Gatcha
♡ Ears: Trap & Ni.Ju Collab - Gelf Ears Pierced
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
♡ Yopulga - Olivia Poses Fashion Quotes

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