06 December 2012

Modish @ The Winter Fair

*Slaps Forehead* Hello Fashion Heads!
I thought I posted this DAYS ago but silly me totes forgot to I so so sorry Ele ugh I can be such a dork sometimes. Modish has some amazing skins out at the winter fair for you lovely ladies out there one of them being one of my favorite new releases called One Way Captive in her brand new skin tones. There are more but I'll give you guys a reason to check it out yourselves hehe (Ain't I a stinker?) You only have until the 15th to grab them up so do NOT hesitate and remember to reduce lag try to minimize your script usage maybe some flats and a hair with no resizer? We are all there to shop so we won't judge you for your lack of accessories and such hehe. 


Hope you all have an amazing day not sure if there will be another post tonight but be on the lookout! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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