13 December 2012

Slash me....had a great time

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today's blog posting is a bit of me just hanging around with a very sweet man. I really don't have too much to say beforehand but I did want to say I had an amazing time exploring and getting to know my friend a bit better. We had pixel sandwiches, danced to a few songs, then sat around and chatted. Does that not sound like an amazing time to you? It definitely did to me hehe keep on reading for more info hehe.

Today I wanted to look a bit more grown up and well...date worthy hehe. I wanted a simple sexy but not too revealing look and I think this dress from Apple May Designs did the job perfectly. A nice view of cleavage and legs without being too exposed and ruining (possible) later surprises. This is an exclusive dress only found at the Frost Fair which is totes open! This is called Frost hehe and I have it on in muted blue but there are other colors available to choose from as well. 
Another creation that can be found at Frost Fair is the amazing lipstick I have on tonight from Modish. These are made to go with her skin (earlier blogged about) Kiana but I personally think it looks amazing with my skin too.
I want to finish this day on an amazing note. I had an amazing time with my friend Rik and I wore an amazing outfit while doing it. *Sighs* I have to say I'm happy to have not one but two amazing lives to be a part of hehe. See you all later! Mwahs and Happy Shopping 

Love Always 

What Rik Has on
Skin: Belleza Shawn
Shape: New Q-designs Tyson body shape
Eyes: -ES- deep real eyes green
Hair: TRUTH David - espresso
Jacket: ::VMC:: Adriano Jacket and Hood
Pants: >>Gothicatz<< chaos destroyed jeans
Shoes: EXILE KBoots

What Lili has on
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in B Tone
Eyes: Insufferable Dastards - Soft Pastel Eyes in Green
Hair: Exile - Breath Me in Frost
Hands: The Sugar Garden - Lumiere B Mesh Hands
Lipstick: Modish - Kiana Lips in #6 FROST Fair
Dress: Apple May Designs - Frost in Muted Blue FROST Fair
Shoes: Enelya's Creations - Ysaline Heels (Kit 2)
Necklace: Ben's Beauty - Jay Necklace in White Gold
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Loveheart Ring
Tail: Lemon Tea - Neko Tail in Persian White


  1. Lili and Rik, sittin' in a tree...

  2. There is little i can add to this, amazing is the right word... most of all because you are amazing. Again it was such a privilege to be near you and spend quality time with you, i hope there will be more of this... As usual you created a beautiful scenery, your outfit is adorable and the pics are just perfect... I am so glad these special moments were captured. *hugs you and swoons in admiration*