15 December 2012

Santa Baby, I've been a GOOD Reindeer

Hey Fashion Heads! (Where did this name even come from?)
Last posting of the night I promise but certainly not the least! I am hopped up on confectioner's sugar and I didn't want to wait until the morning to show off this amazing cute outfit I purchased tonight. Wanna know where? Wanna know the deats? Only one way to find out...

I got this oh so cute goodie from a place called Barely Legal! I loved it the moment I rezzed in! I actually ran into the owner while getting this hair and she is super sweet. You know I always give a chance to a nice person but OMG HER STORE IS AWESOME! Check it out [x]when you get done buying those RL gifts. 
The outfit I have on today is called One Rude Reindeer. It's a little play off words inspired by our most famous reindeer...ME! *shifty eyes* I mean Rudolph hehe. It comes with not only this uber cute (Well made) dress but also with the shoes, the antlers, and the sexy red nose I have on. For all of the things it comes with it is still less than 250L *nodnods* less than 1 USD. So I don't want to keep on hearing that its impossible to look good on a budget.
Off to help Santy Claus! Liliandra Out! Mwahs and Happy Shopping 

Love Always

What I have On
Skin: Izzies - Geanna
Hair: Magika - Early New Release
Outfit: Barely Legal - One Rude Reindeer
Includes: Dress, Shoes, Nose, & Antlers
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - My Beloved Reindeer Necklace Hunting For Winter 0L
Ring: Sweet Leonard - My Beloved Reindeer Ring Hunting For Winter 0L

Song For The Moment
Rudolph Theme Song

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