12 December 2012

Sugar @ FROST Fair

Hey Fashion Heads!

OMG OMG New Skins from Sugar. The lovely miss Iokko (Who is sick let's make her some yummy soup) has made us some amazing skin goodness. They are amazing and revamped called "Lush" and they are definitely something to check out keep on reading to see pictures.
I love the look of these skins they are smooth and fit my face perfectly. There are 5 different skin tones: Powdered, Cane, Demerara, Barbados, and Honey. I see myself wearing the Demerara which is the middle tone. There are four different breast size options which I (sorry) didn't show but the one I have on is the non cleavage option. There is also a choice of Dark Brows or Light Brows... 

I love the makeups as well they really make the lips pop. Below are the makeup choices you will find at the FROST fair
 From Left to Right: Berries, Neon Lights, Strawberry Shortcake

As well as these skins looking AMAZING. They also have skin appliers for Lolas Tango with an option of small and large nipples depending on the look that YOU would like to have.

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