06 December 2012

Lady Frost | F R O S T Fair Teaser

Hey Fashion Heads!
♡ When I was younger I used to envision myself as some sort of mythical creature or being it was so much fun but I TRIED to outgrow it but in my adulthood I now have SL to entertain my vivid imagination. Today I present Lady Frost. Lady Frost is a Insect/Human hybrid that lives in a remote area of the world. Each of our fears, our sorrows, our coldest thoughts turn into a snowflake and deliver themselves to her fully consuming her home and her heart. Though her heart is pure and loving her sorrow is endless. She lives with our sorrow in her heart so that we as mortals can live a little happier. Knowing she holds all of our sadness making us happy cancels out the sorrow she should feel replacing it with the purest form of happiness that only regular humans dream about. Skin as cold as ice but a heart so warm....this is MY Lady Frost Story....
♡ So yeah...I'm not the BEST writer but yes...that's my background story for this look. Most of my goodies can be found at the upcoming Frost Fair @ Depraved Nation *Squeals* I for one can NOT wait until it starts. It's a little bit of a wait since it begins on the 12 of this month but you know? sometimes I do like to be a tease. I am rocking in anticipation for the horns and I guess you would call them extra arms from Chus! I have the glacier version on but GOSH I WANT ALL THE COLORS! It's an awesome mythical look remains girly yet looks....Royal. I'm digging it hehe.
♡ Another great thing to look forward to is Superbia's exclusive which is my collar, cuffs, and ring. From the moment I opened the package I just knew I had to show them off to you guys. They come in a set and there is also a male version available for you sexy male shoppers out there *winks and bats her lashes*  Are you excited? ARE YOU EXCITED!?! Me too hehe  

♡ The lingerie (yep...lingerie in the snow!) I'm wearing isn't part of the Frost Fair and you can grab that up right now! Its yet another amazing Boobie Show offering for this round. This is from Mes Sucreries and its called My Kawaii Lingerie and I decided on the white version to go with the glistening snowy look of the background but its available in pink, baby blue, and raven which is black. 

I hope I left you all with lots of information and shopping adventures! Mwahs and Happy Shopping!

Love Always
What I have on
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in B Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Shakeup - Paris Eyes in #12 The Arcade
♡ Hair: Alice Project - Steph II w/ Reema bangs
♡ Breasts: Lolas Tango
♡ Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails in *Purest of Souls*
♡ Hands: The Sugar Garden - Lumiere B Mesh Hands
♡ Lingerie: Mes Sucreries - My Kawaii Lingerie in White The Boobies Show
♡ Shoes: N-Core - Seduction Heels in Pearl
♡ Belly Chain: Puncture - Belly Chain Heart
♡ Collar: Superbia - Set 3 Collar in White FROST Fair Coming Soon
♡ Cuffs: Superbia - Set 3 Cuffs in White FROST Fair Coming Soon
♡ Ring: Superbia - Set 3 Wings Ring in White FROST Fair Coming Soon
♡ Snow on Head & Nose: Dark Midday Designs - Fallen Snow New Release!
♡ Mythical Arms: Chus! Eissect in Glacier FROST Fair Coming Soon
♡ Horns: Chus! - Eissect Horn in Glacier FROST Fair Coming Soon
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea - Upright Demon Tail in Ethereal

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  1. Omg! You are so cute and such an original little idea my Kawaii looking fifth wife. :p