30 June 2012

Relaxing Endeavors

Fashionistas! I'm back!

I think I told you all last time I was sick and I wasn't feeling that smooth and sexy...wellll....It later that night decided to tear me a new one. I ended up having to to get some real care and whatnot. I had a sinus infection and dehydration to the extreme but I am slowly feeling better my doctor wants me to relax but well...I can't relax not doing something I love so very much...
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25 June 2012

Sick & Tired

Hello Lovelies

Please forgive my absence lately I seem to have come down with a cold...such irony since it has been in the 80s outside...nothing cold about that am I right? I was going to post a nice big posting today but I am just soooo drained but I do want to share with you guys my latest adventures.

Speaking of absences. Today I'm a schoolgirl and no not the type you went to school with this is more of the one that is shall we say "paying for college"? hehe. I have been in SL for....many years off and on and a place that has always been here has been Hentai High...
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22 June 2012

Inner Goddess

Heya my Yummy Readers!

*Sighs* Something about the Roman beauty and the Grecian flow of fabrics always catches my eye. I've always wanted to be a goddess or something in that era. Lucky for me SL was invented yay.
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21 June 2012

I'm a barbie...Demon...Girl...

Hey Fashionistas

For some reason I wanted to be cute/demonic and I ended up with this Barbie Demoness type look but I am really happy with it my wives and Kyle seemed to approve of it as well. I went with another simple background but I'm MUCH happier with these pics than I was with the last ones
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19 June 2012

I Support Stand4Love...So Should You!

Hello My Loyal Readers:

Today I paired up with my always beautiful Succubus and we decided to enter into the Stand4love cause. I myself do not know for sure my sexual orientation but I would hate to not be able to love freely who I choose to love when I do find out.

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18 June 2012


Hey pretty readers I've missed you so.

Today's pics are how do you say...simple...simple background I think the outfit was bright enough to make the pictures pop and well...I'm not that great at simple pictures like this. I see them on other great blogs but I never get the hang of it quite like they do.
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16 June 2012

Picture Puzzles

Hey sexy peoples!

Sooo...I put on this really pretty dress from Iren...its part of her summer colllection and I just HAD to show it off but then I started playing with the deferred render options. Apparently having them all checked makes your pictures look amazing but well..strangley enough I don't agree...

Maybe my graphics card can't handle it. I don't know but I wasn't 100 percent in love.  take a look and see for yourself completely non edited except for the cropping and cut paste all the graphical work is second life

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15 June 2012

A Beautiful Thing - Villan Zsun Picture Romance

Hey Fashion Heads
Oh such a beautiful sight when two bloggers come together for a moment of fashion bliss. Even more of a lovely sight when the guest blogger is a HAWTIE and oh so super sweet to work with.

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13 June 2012

Dark Princess FTW

Heya! So tonight I was feeling a bit...Dark...I'm happy yes but I felt like being dark and strong seductress and Mmmmm I was pleased with the look here they are for your eye-gasm. 

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12 June 2012

Why So Serial?! Smile a Little!

Today is all giggles all smiles you don't like it?

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SkinTopia Part 1

Hey Loves

As some of you may know I am a part of a group called "Skin Addiction" we talk about almost everything but we LOVE skins. There was recently a little debate about the whether or not the best skins are the highest priced ones which made me go "Hmmm" so I gathered a few skins from around the grid that I like/love/had to have and you guys tell me your opinions okay? Some are fairly affordable some in the 1k bracket some are gifts.
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10 June 2012

Monkeying Around!


I know...we missed each other so much you could barely contain yourselves but I am here with banana in my mouth. Wayyyy back I think I told you guys a cute little banana/Plantain mix up I had at a friends house. Well guess what? I ran into her in the store a couple of days ago and we giggled about it together. I am so happy to be running into old RL friends
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08 June 2012

Another Birthday 100th Post!

Hey Fashionistas!

I was taken hostage by my mom for her birthday and haven't had a chance to contact anyone. She has tur... *gets snatched from computer before she can type numbers*...
So...yeah! I guess you can say my outfit is inspired by....Cake? I like cake...she likes cake...Tiff Renfold likes cake...Inu is a cake sometimes. CAKE! Something about the colors of the time made me wanna make a cake for my mommy so I did. 
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05 June 2012

Resounding Happy

Hey Peeps.

So its the Lili and today I'm in pants *jawdrop* but I don't know I usually don't wear stuff like this but wanted to today. I wanted to tell you all a bit about yesterday...

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04 June 2012

Zombie People

So...I'm a little late but I'm sure you all heard that...we as humans....are turning into zombies via bathsalts...all I could say when reading this is "Wait....what?"

See this story puzzles me in more than one way lets start with...
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02 June 2012


Hey Fashionistas!

Did you miss me? I missed you!

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