18 March 2013

Pink Aquatica | More Skin Fair? OKAY!

Hey my lovelies!

Did you all enjoy St Patty's Day? I planned to enjoy it but I got tired and slept for most of the day but that's okay. I salvaged the night by putting on this cute skin from Alchemy that you can find at the Skin Fair my pictures are a little....showy so everything is after the break. If you are at work or have someone that you don't want seeing nudity you might want to check this out a little bit later.

You found me! 
Today I have on a skin called Elfin from Alchemy and I do like the skin but I don't really see it as an Elf skin I see it maybe more for a Siren or a Mermaid because of the paleness. I still liked many things about it so I took a nice nudey pic at a beach. I had MANY onlookers but I'm happy with the look of it so I think it was well worth the laggy troubles. I was going for an awakened mermaid from her underwater slumber and thanks to Catwa's new hair everything looked so realistic *squees*

The main thing that attracted me to this skin was the pastel brow options which a girl that loves pastel hair HAS to have and I have to say that many of them are nice and bright but sadly others get a little washed out with the paleness of the skin like the white and the blonde but it also depends on the windlight that you decide to use. Having tango appliers for it is another yay in my book I just wish that the nipples were a little darker or more defined against the skin. Oh! I forgot to mention that the ears I have in the picture come WITH the skin!
The only thing I would change for the skin (even though I did love many things) would have to be that the face seems to be a little tanner than the body I would have loved the slight tan that the face has on the entire body. 

Still about a week and a half left for all of you to run in and get the skin of your dreams! More skins to be shown so keep a lookout! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

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