07 April 2012

Easter Lili! :3

Its your resident Easter Lili! and I've got some big eggs to give today!

I know its all *gasp* double post but I couldn't wait any longer to show this look. This hunt stuff is rocking my world lately and I just REALLY want it to rawk yours too now is that so bad? This is a short post buttttt...My sexy bunny look will make you forgive me for the shortness I'm sure.

The skin I have on...I love and its only 1L in the World Culture's Easter Hunt as well as the dress and necklace you can see a little more about it on my sissy's blog but I just had to show them at least once or twice so...here goes!

Happy Easter Everyone
Love Always
Easter Lili!

What I have on
Skin: Chandelle - Emi Rabbit (WCEH Gift)
Hair: Catwa - TNT in Chestnut (Roots)
Eyes: M2M - I'm in love in Emerald
Necklace: Just You Jewels - Easter 2012 (WCEH Gift)
Ears: Chelle - Bunny Ears V1 in Light Pink
Dress: Sadike - Easter Mini Dress in White (WCEH Gift)
Nails: Mandala - Milky Way in White
Bangles: Mandala - Takara Bangle in Metal/White
Bunny Tail: Deviance - Bunny Tail
Shoes: Ten 10 - Megas boots in white

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