29 April 2012

Lazy Sunday

Hello Dears:

Though my outfit is not from the fantasy faire keep in mind today is the last day so run over and grab what you can in the name of charity. They have many amazing stores including a few of my favorites and there is something there for everyone.

Have you ever wondered about "Lazy Sunday"? I mean...I'm lazy other days too but is this a day I encouraged to express my laziness? Why no lazy Monday? or lazy Wednesday afternoon? 0oo or even better "Lazy Week" This week I can't lie and you guys have witnessed it..I was super lazy.

Its not just laziness I guess but also a lot of RL stuff hit me in the face hardcore and made me cry not to mention not one but THREE exes have come back into my life. One of them makes me sick, one of them I hold dear like a cuddly pillow and one of them I can't trust long enough to build a true friendship so I say "out with the old in with the new" and the new is looking MIGHTY fine but as I said before I doubt I will include my relationships in my blog these days its like my blog has the MTV curse upon it. I write about them the next week we break up....how tragic

Okay enough rambling lol I will be a lot better with my post rates this week also sometimes I will do multi-posts at once but those will be more review type posts showing you a new skin or makeup they can be found with the easy search thing I added (Cuz I love you)

See you soon and love you forever

What I'm wearing
Skin: Atomic - Grace
Lipstick: Damned - Alice Lipstick in blue (again)
Hair: Action - Natalia in Kitty Ombre (Crazy Ombre pack)
Shirt: Yopulga - Dream on in Blue mesh
Pants: Ines Creations - Mesh Skinny Pants in Silver mesh
Sneakers: Blast - Hi Top Sneakers in Blue/White mesh
Jewelry Set: Acid & Mala - Messed Memory Wire Set in Silver/Blue
Poses By: Viviane Creations
Song For The Moment
Lazy Song by Bruno Mars 

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