20 April 2012

Rub Me The Right Way - Fantasy Faire Peek

It's your always lovely Miss Lili back with some faire goodies. Opening soon is the Fantasy Faire. Help us raise money to fight cancer we are all in this battle together no one person can do this alone. We have 8 days to do all we can to make cancer something of the past.

It seems the genie has been released in me thanks to Weather or not, a wonderful designer found at the fantasy faire and I'm on the prowl to grant some wishes. I've always wondered if I got the chance for 3 wishes what would I wish for and sorry to disappoint but...they are semi selfish wishes

  • My first wish would be to have a comfortable income for the rest of my life. Not rich...but enough to support my RL and SL without me having to struggle so hard to make ends meet.

  • My Second Wish would be to have guidance to find my one true love, my soul mate. I don't want to be told exactly or it would ruin the process of falling in love but...would be nice to be pointed in the right direction

  • Last but not least I do really wish for safe RL Teleportation so I can see my dear SL besties face to face with ease and I'd so want to live in a house like this with them.....


3 Giant rooms....much better than a lamp

This is a house from very talented Mr AelKennyr Rhiano (An Lema)  offered at the Fantasy Faire. This is the Beloved Elven Home its AMAZING! and its one of many great things offered at this event! If you're not an event person this is me getting on my knees and begging you to just check it out and donate anything you can 1L even helps if you have it to spare for a cause like this and also they have a spot on thier website to donate without even leaving the comfort of your SL home. We can change the future starting with these 8 days.

Love Always

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