23 April 2012

Hush Newer Release

As you all may remember I was blabbing about a new skin I had the pleasure of finding from Hush. I had never heard of this place before but I am SO glad I found it they are all so young and vibrant and the bodies are smooth not too muscley. I look like a woman with a pretty young face. 

You can buy them individually for 950L each (and ALL skin tones) or you can buy the fatpack for a little under 3k which if you ask me is a great savings and totally worth it. It comes in different tones ranging from very pale seduction to a caramel delight with dark light and medium eyebrows and also cleavage or no cleavage options it does NOT come with parted lips. That is my own little thing as well as the shape (one is provided when you buy the skin)

I am usually a naturals girl because my love of makeup layers but these makeups are very unique to me they have almost like...a two toned lipstick and the eyeshadow is not heavy a huge bonus for me

If you are looking for youthful skins with fun makeup I'd recommend this line stop in and take a look around try some demos you can even look at actual bloggers and photographers pictures with the skins on. I always find it refreshing to see shopper made ads in a store.

Pose By Adorkable

That is all for now I hope you enjoyed! Happy Shopping 


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