24 April 2012

Where's My Furby?!?

Hey Fashionistas!

So I was searching through my RL closet and I stumbled upon it...my long lost furby Mr Wigglefurb out of batteries and feeling abanoned so I rushed to his rescue and got him nice and recharged and I started thinking maybe its time for him to settle down with a nice furby lady and...

I found out in the fall of this year Hasbro are bringing them back! YAY! I can go furby crazy ALL over again this is EXACTLY what would happen if they happen to oh I don't know...make meeroos real..I'd own them all because I love them so

I guess I just wanted to share the great news...keep your eyes peeled and stay super sexy

Love always
Mr. Wigglefurb

JK. Love Always, Lili (I'm sure Mr.Wigglefurb loves you too)

What we have on
Skin: Chandelle - Emi Bunny (WCEH)
Hair: Exile - Simone in Babydoll
Top: Chloe - Lola Shirt #3 @ Kawaii Fair
Skirt: Evolve - QTpie Mini in Pink Lady @ Kawaii Fair
Nails: Cute Bytes - Cute Nails
Bracelet: Pepper - Color Me Bracelet
Necklace: Lolapop - When love and death Embrace necklace @ Kawaii Fair
Glasses: Splash - Nerd Glasses in Pink/White @ Kawaii Fair
Poptart: Rotten Defiance - Mustache Poptart Pink Icing @ Kawaii Fair
Furby: Razzberry Inc - Furbii in Pinky 1L Gacha

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