30 April 2012


Hey my dear fashion and story lovers! How is your Monday going? 

Metamorphosis. The time in a caterpillar's life where it grows into a butterfly flying high and unstoppable to most. Unfortunately there lifespan is short but they pass knowing they achieved their ultimate goal...Growing into a butterfly. Luckily for me my lifespan is longer but my goal is still the same.

About 4 years ago I wrote a poem that at the time consumed my heart, my body and soul. It was a poem about letting go of the pain you hold on to and the pain you're afraid of finding on the way to finding yourself. I know a few of  you are thinking "God not this again" But yes...its this again. Read below if you want to see read it

After awhile I learned the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul
I've learned that love doesn't mean leaning on someone to handle all life's problems
Nor does Company equal security
As hard as it may hit, kisses aren't contracts and presents are promises.
I have to accept defeat with my head held high with grace of an adult leaving my childhood grief behind.....

Building all my roads on today is best because tomorrow's ground is uncertain
I have learned that sunshine can burn if you consume too much
I planted my own garden and decorated my own soul, Now i never have to wait for someone else's flowers.
I learned I can endure, I am strong, I do have worth
I learn and I learn....Every goodbye I learn...

Hope you enjoyed <3 
 Love Always 

Now To the good Stuff....Clothing
Skin: Belleza - Erika in Sunkissed (Old Group Gift)
Hair: Truth - Gianna in Chestnut
Butterfly: Dark Midday Designs - Animated Butterfly
Outfit: Elymode - Jennifer in Sorbet mesh
Nails: Rezlspa Loc - Rose Nails (Spring Pack)
Feet: N-core-  Bare Feet
Wings: Grendel's Children - Fae Wings dollarbie
Metamorphosis By Hilary Duff

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