17 April 2012

Carnival Dates

Hey Fashionistas

You know for some reason the idea of a Carnival date has always appealed to me. I mean don't get me wrong I've been on a few dates to the movies...to dinner...but those are places that require you yo be somewhat quiet and then at the end of the night when you DO talk it can be PRETTY awkward lol in my experience anyway 

But at a carnival they encourage happiness and joy. A great place to both have fun playing some games and riding on rides with perfect chances to get some conversations going without the awkwardness. Not only that but you wouldn't be the only couple there sooo it puts less pressure because you don't feel as if your standing out jumping up and down screaming "WE'RE ON A DATE!"

And hey if the night goes great you can always do the infamous "kiss on the top of the ferris wheel" moment....YEAH RIGHT like you'd catch Miss Lili on one of those :p But you know what I mean right? 

So Ladies and gents think about that on your next date planning and tell me how it goes

Love Always

What I am wearing
Skin: Shine - Lolita Skin in UltraPale  Kawaii Fair
Hair: Truth - Andrea in Clove
Lipstick: Glamorize - Nibble Lips in Rosy
Eyeshadow: Chelle - Sparkling in Pink
Lashes: Deviant Kitties (Ploom) - Deviant #1
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral Eyes in Cyan Kawaii Fair
Earrings: Phresh - Gossamer Earrings in Silver
Necklace: Phresh - Forever Necklace in Silver
Dress: Dark Midday Designs - "Precious" Babydoll Summer Dress in Pink Newer Release
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Rose
Butterfly: Dark Midday Designs - Animated Butterfly
Balloon: Dark Midday Designs - My Cute Balloon Newer Release
Shoes: HOC - Platform Pumps

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