04 April 2012

New Discoveries

My Dear Fashionistas

Because of Stereotypes (We know the one..just do an understanding nod) I didn't touch watermelon for the longest time growing up in a small town I didn't want to be THAT girl and one day I tried and surprise surprise I loved it! So that was a new delicious discovery of mine when I was just a young lady (Yeah cuz I'm sooooo old now!) So today's rather...unique look was inspired by that.

Speaking of new discoveries as some of you know I have been on the hunt for some new skins and I think I have found a place! Its called Modish in the picture I am wearing this March Group Gift and I am completely in love that is no makeup just pure moddish goodness. Not only do they have affordable skins but they have 4 hunts going on, a discount room, and Group gifts! if you have a 
youthful Flair to your avatar look give this place a nice looking into and wave Miss Ele a nice Ohai how ya doin?

 Also another AMAZING discovery is the jewelry I have on! The designer of them is a super sweetheart. This is a set from "Phresh" and I just gasped and got all giddy inside when I saw this color option she offers SO many choices at her store for SUCH an amazing price. If you're thinking back and going "The name Phresh sounds familiar" Like I was its because she offered a great necklace at the Juicy Crush on you event! Take a look you won't regret it I promise

The look and smell of watermelon seems to always make me happy and want to smile. What food makes you like that? Leave comments you know I love to hear from you


What I have on
Skin: Moddish - March Fair Gift
Hair: Maitreya - Milla in Almond
Eyes: A.D.D Andel - Aurora Eyes in Green
Jewelry Set: Phresh - Hype Earrings in Lyhp
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Pitch Piercing V.2
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Bright Nails in Lizard Lime
Dress (Okay fine Shirt): Dirty Lynx - Nautico in Flufee
Stockings: Sexy in Pink - Fishnets Tights in pink
Tattoos: Para Designs - Blooming Hearts
Shoes: R2 Fashion - Mino'aka{Liilii} in pink
Watermelon by +9
Table: Trompe Loeil - Simple Culture
Poses By: Glitterati
Song For The Moment!
Watermelon! By Justine Clark

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