11 April 2012

A Lili Holiday

Hello My Dears!

The way I see it there is 4 parts to being me. There is the semi mature Lili that many of you know and love (I hope so anyway) the rationality to keep her emotions in check, Bitch Lili who no one has met in a long time she can rip your heart out with the flick of her ashes and the movement of her harsh tongue I keep her tightly sealed off. There is also Dark Lili who holds all the negativity of being Lili in her heart she tends to sneak out when I don't want her to....

Then there is the Lili Holiday

I never knew how to descibe it before but a song kind of gave this lili side its name. Lili Holiday is almost like a psychotic child that has no attention span its a void of me and the world almost and I most relate to my separation by going almost Lolita Doll. Sometimes Miss Lili needs a rest from her stress and this is what happens.

It doesn't happen much BUT all of us need a holiday...This is Lili Holiday

I think we all have a side like this some of us have it in the bubble bath with the phone off. Some of us have it with music blaring in our ears. I express mine through my way of dressing...just like all of my other emotions lmao.

So thats the break down :D Hope you enjoyed the look.

What I have on
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Peach
Eyes: By Snow - Dolly Eyes in Blind
Lipstick: Glamorize - Vivid Lips in Baby Pink
Mascara Smear: Viewer 2 Runny Mascara By Iris Ophelia
Paint spots: Es Cusi - My Picturesque Face Paint #3
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Smile
Hair: BC322 - Dolly in Pink
Lashes: Damned  - My Perfect Lashes
Dress:Rotten Toe - Scissors Lolita Dress V2
Necktie: Comes with Dress
Glasses: Miss Murder - Heart Glasses in Hot Pink
Doll Wind: Yggdrasill Designs - Doll Heart Adult Area!
Leggings: Dark Midday Designs - Minime Tights Squares in Black
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Rose Nails (Spring Nails Pack)
Shoes: HOC Industries - MaryJanes
Doll: Dark Dolls - Dark Doll
Posings By: Glitterati
Inspired By
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj

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