02 April 2012

Breakfast At Lili's

Hi Sexy Peeps did you miss me? I hope so...

So...I must admit I've never actually SEEN Breakfast at Tiffany's but I kind of figure it has an elegant, airy, sexiness to it if I am wrong I am truly sorry. I tried to modernize it a bit make the dress shorter, make my heels higher you know....make it 2012.

I was in the car with my grandmother and the song Breakfast At Tiffany's came on and its actually very catchy...I was humming it while picking my daily outfit on SL and that's how I ended up with this beautiful set up.

I've actually gotten a little more into mesh the past few weeks so I have been dabbling in the mesh clothing here and there. The only issue I have is that it forces you to have the same shape as the dress it will be absolutely perfect once they fix that in my opinion until then I will pick and choose but overall happy with my LOTD. What about you?

Well my dears my coffee is getting cold. Time to sip away with the Mathome and reminisce of the yesterdays hehe.

Love you always

My Tea Party Outfit
Skin: Adam N Eve - Sharise in Mocha Garden with cleavage
Hair: Truth - Krystal in Clove
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Glam Mascara in 02
Eyes: Damn Your Eyes (Dye) - March  Dollarbie
Lashes: Damned - Perfect Lashes
Jewelry: Sian Birke Jewelry - Seasons COLORCHANGE
Nails: Art Body Store  -Tropicalia
Purse: Old & New - Studs Purse in Sandy
Dress: Larosa - Short Dress in Crash White
Shoes: Angelic Lefevre Couture - Myelic Series
Props: What Next - Bistro Set
Posing By: Glitterati
Breakfast At Tiffany's By Deep Blue Something

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