18 April 2012

Gotta Catch them all?

Its your Lili Face again!

Growing up I had a lot of male friends and I always wanted to do something to fit in with them. There was one friend I had/have named Brandon (God I hope he doesn't read SL blogs) I was so in love with..well as in love as you can be at 12 years old I just KNEW we would be married when I was older he used to be a huge fan of Pokemon so....you guessed it fashionistas I was ALSO a fan of Pokemon

Since he was 14 he didn't spend too much time with me but when he did he taught me all about the Pokemon cards and gave me my first Pikachu card...it was a plain old card but meant so much because it was from him...*sigh* I guess it would be cheesy to tell you all I still have it huh? lol

 So in thinking of him I searched SL for some Pokemon themed areas and its not exactly Pokemon but they do have them there. Its a Nintendo game themed area called Pixel Hill....worth a browse if you're into Mario and the like!

Off to call him now and tell him about my sudden youthful reminiscing

Toodles, Love you

What I Have on
Skin: Modish - Not a Doll in Pale (Who's That Girl Hunt)
Hair: Truth - Janey in Clove
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eyes: Blah - Bicolored Eyes in Yellow/Green
Necklace: Smexy - Buttons Necklace
Bracelet: Laciecakes - Loopy Loops bracelet
Top: Nestle My Bosom - Pikachu Baseball V-neck
Skirt: Tarnished - Summer Jerk in Canary
Shoes: Super Kingdom - Girl Top Mesh Shoes
Bag: Magi Take - Leather Bag in Grey
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Daffodil
Posings By: Leafy
Location: Pixel Hills
Song For The Moment
Pokemon Theme Song FTW

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