03 April 2012

Street Cred?

Dear Fashionista:

So get this...I was out shopping today and was blaring my music while walking down the grocery aisle and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see the hawtest guy I've seen in a LONG time and he opens her perfectly pouty lips and says "Yo Ma, you just lost all your street cred"....really guy? I had no idea....

What is this "street cred" that I have now lost....if I didn't know about it is it technically theft? If he never told me I lost it then would it really have been lost? And who is Yoma and why did he get me mixed up with her? Who knows..All I know is I am me and that's all I can ever be

I don't want "street cred" I want Lili cred...that sounds more...well...me :D and no one is a better Lili than me (though you can try) And my dear fashionistas that is my rant for the day hope you enjoyed it and also hope you like the LOTD as well picked especially for Yoma

 And if anyone is interested No...he did NOT get the digits :o


What I have on
Skin: Styles By Kira - Lulu Skin O2D
Eyes - MJ+Dada - Cabbage Eye II series in Smokey Quarts
Hair:!Lamb - Unbirthday Redux in Twix FREEBIE
Nails:Tchelo's - Metallic Short nails in Yellow Lighter
Earrings: Aura - Bahiti Hoop Earrings in Earthen
Glasses: Kalnins - Spring
Tattoo: Para Designs - Over doz
Top: Anonymous - Animalistic Style in Body Rocker
Capris: Riddle - Everyday Denim in Medium Blue
Bangles: Zeery - Silver Enamel Tri Bangles in Splits
Heels: HOC - Platform Pumps COLORCHANGE
Bag: Handmade - Black Plain Bag FREEBIE
Posing By: R.icielli
Bangarang By Skrillex

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