16 April 2012

Kawaii On The Beach

Dear fashionistas

Today I decided to take a trip to the beach in my new Kawaii goodness. Something about the beach always calms my neko soul which is funny because cats usually hate water but I can't seem to get enough. I guess its because in RL I get sick being so close to the sea from the smell but on SL no smell but you get the sounds and feel. I guess this goes to show I'm allergic to whale sperm (I so went there)

The outfit I'm wearing is from Motherfunken! Its a Exclusive for the Kawaii fair called Sexy Kawaii Girl and also wearing Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels that match the design of the top and bottoms. I'm not sure if this was meant to be a beach outfit but it has a bit of a vintage bikini thing going on that I'm really digging.

The Fair is only here for another 12 days! Don't miss your chance for the many exclusives ONLY available at Kawaii Fair 2012!

Thanks to all of you I've hit 2k views. Thanks all I hope the page is improving as you view it more leave me comments tell me what you want more of or what you want less of Mwahs
Love Always

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cocao
Hair: LOQ - Ice Cream in Chocolate Copper AVAILABLE AT TDR
Tongue: Scrub - Pink Poo Tongue AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral Eyes in Cyan AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Lipstick: Glamorize - Heavenly Lip in Pink Dream
Earrings: Superbia - Gummy Bear Earrings AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure Set
Glasses: Splash - Nerd Glasses in Pink and White AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Kawaii 2 AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Outfit: Motherfunken - Sexy Kawaii Girl AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Shoes: Motherfunken - Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR

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