31 August 2012

For the Change in Your Pocket | 139L Outfit

Hey Fashion Lovers:

So...Everyone loves saving money right? I can't be the only one that gets excited at a sale. No matter how much money you have both RL and SL you always love the rush you get when you get to save a few dollars. Well today my dears I brought a look to you that will in no way break the bank for you. dig in your purse....if you can find 60 US Cents...you can afford this outfit. I made this entire look for 139L wanna see how? Keep on reading...wanna just rush to pick up the pieces and do it yourself? Read the credits at the bottom

I've lately been getting myself back into hunt items and keeping up with hunt and my dears most of my  outfit is from the upcoming hunt I told you about yesterday the Summer Harvest Hunt! I was AMAZED at how many beautiful things they had to offer. Home decorations galore and clothing to put a smile on any fashionista face hehe. So many things come from the hunt that it MAY be easier to list what isn't on the credits I will state what is from the "SHH" Remember...it doesn't start til tomorrow.

The Skin I have on was a STEAL (not literally) This is the new skin from Mirror's Enigma offered at this upcoming Structure Your Skin Project. This is the Lavenia which I'm ALREADY in love with and its easier to fall more in love with a skin that's only 99L! There are 3 makeups available with it so you even get a little bit of a variety.

The sneakers are from a new place to me called Sneaker Lab its amazing in there. Right now they are having a sale on their sneakers for 39L so...another steal! 

Get out there hunt around...do some shopping You can look amazing for only 60 cents! Show me some of YOUR 60 cent looks! Even though I blog I love to look at other people's creativity too

Love Always

139L Goodness
Skin: Mirror's Enigma - Lavenia Tan in Neutral Price: 99L SYSP Sept.
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Needful Things - Good Bye Summer Eyes Price: Free! SHH Item
Hair: Alice Project - Yolanda Price: Free! Mesh Around Hunt - over
Blush: Pink Acid - Photo Studio Blush in Pink/Magenta Price: 1L
Teeth: Tuli -Parted Lips 2 Price: Free!
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Copper Lite Hud Price: Free! SHH Item
Top: Gawk - Brown Long Tank Top Price: Free! SHH Item
Bottom: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt Price: Free! SHH Item
Shoes: Sneaker Lab - Flyman in Outdoor I Price: 39L
Necklace: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Copper Leaves Necklace Price: Free! SHH Item
Earrings: Needful Things - Goodbye Summer Earrings Price: Free! SHH Item
Bag: Tea Time - Cute Tree Bag Price: Free! SHH Item
Song For The Moment
Price Tag By Jessie J

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