27 August 2012

The Hunted | HYIS Beauty

Hey Lovelies!

So this is a short post but I plan on doing multiple postings today. I just wanted to show off this UBER cute yet sexy top that I found while hunting. I know that I barely do hunts but when I do its AMAZING finds. You CAN look amazing in SL for little to no money. Its not about the size of the wallet its about the size of your....

Imagination...you pervy cakes....

So this pretty top is a hunt item from Patchwork Heart part of the Hunt for Your Inner Slut and I am loving it. I think its supposed to be a dress but I didn't feel right right wearing it like that so I threw on some cute shorts from Crash republic to hide my lady bits away hehe. Not only will you find this item but there are also a few other scattered around and don't bother using area search or you'll be even more frustrated LMAO. For THIS particular item you're looking for a purple butterfly. So Good luck to you and...

May your hunting mojo be forever in your favor o.o

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: CandyDoll - Miranda in Natural (Cream Tone)
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Rainshower Shadow
Hair: Elikatira - Studio in white 05
Lipstick: CandyDoll - Miranda in Cherry Lips
Eyeliner: Dead Apples - Thin Liner in Black Soft
Teeth: Modish - Prim Teeth 5
Nails - Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Deluxe Nails in Fantasy
Top: Patchwork Heart - Naughty Nighty in Cloudy HYIS Hunt Item (free with some searching)
Bottom: Crash Republic - Second Hand Shorts in American
Shoes: Dadabeiz - Doux High Pumps in White
Purse: Old & New - Studs Purse in Monolux
Necklace: Burroughs - Innocence Necklace
 Bracelet: Burroughs - Innocence Bracelet
Rings: Burroughs - Innocence Ring Triple
Song of the Moment
Love Like Winter By AFI

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  1. Ha! I saw these boobehs up close and personal the other night in this top. Cute look as always. :p