28 August 2012

What's That Even Mean?

Helloooo my lovely readers:

So....I recently got sent a youtube video (I'll put it at the bottom) of a guy named Kingsley talking about overexposed Slang sayings and he got one of them but tonight...I want to take you through MY top 5 over exposed slang words/phrases. If you "rdgaf" that's fine the credits are at the bottom.

1. "Yolo"
Okay so....I love Drake but I really wish he hadn't started this *facepalms* It stands for "You Only Live Once" I mean...technically he's wrong because I have a "Second Life" <.< yeah I'm so cheating on this on so take that maybe YOU only live one but IGYLT (I get to live twice)

2. "Street Cred"
I still don't even know what it means but...I am mildly annoyed by it. I'd rather have College Creds anyway. Nuff Said.

3. Going "HAM"
Really? Really? I'm supposed to take you seriously when I'm NOW thinking about thanksgiving. I mean...going ham...that sounds like you're turning into a carnivore.

4. "You Ain't bout dat Life" & "What you know about dat"
I don't think it would bother me as much if when it was used it wasn't about the stupidest crap. I told one guy a few weeks ago I was RL dating that I was into 70s music and he said "Oh what you know about dat?" Um...I know I like it but other than that not much. Also...I wish someone would tell me this life that I'm not about.

5. "That's what's up"
NO! That's not what's up! That's whats down bitch! STOP USING THIS AS A STAPLE CONVERSATIONAL PHRASE! GAWD!

And those....are the phrases that make me rageface for right now. Muahs See you all later

Love Always

Yolo Girl Going HAM Outfit
Lipstick: Glamorize - Edge Lips in Natural 1
Top: .Evolve - Lazy T-Shirt in Yolo
Bottom: Gitchee - Hot Sweats in Black
Phone & Poses: Label Motion - My Mobile Phone
Everything Else was credited earlier

The Video that started it all

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