25 August 2012

The Scary Butterflies | PRF's Last Hurrah!

Hey Fashionista lovelies!

So I am FINALLY done organizing the mess of an inventory and I'm so happy about that so I can get back to my bloggy goodness. I bet you're wondering about the post title right? Right. Well click to read the meaning if you'd like if not just click and scroll on down to the credits hehe.

So...I used to live in Florida with my mom and she had a boyfriend who was an AMAZING guy. Not many men get the approval to date my mom but he earned the privilege I could tell he loved both me and my mom so I let him get close hehe. There is this amazing place called butterfly world we were planning to go on my birthday and that my dears was the day he admitted to us....

...He was scared of BUTTERFLIES....like....really?

Now listen this was a tough dude. He walked around with a switchblade, he was in the military he even had my boyfriend scared of him. There was no visible weak points on this guy...but he was afraid of butterflies....*gigglesnorts*

 On the SL side of things. HURRY! You only have until midnight to grab those last minutes pink goodies from the Pink Ribbon Fair. All proceeds are helping charities and we LOVE to shop for a cause here on My Fashionista Heart. Today I decided to wear this absolutely adorable dress from Ninight Creations. 

The colors are so alive feeling...if that makes sense lmao. Wearing this dress makes me feel like the glowiest woman in the room.  I am having a second go on this skin from Mirror's Enigma (Lavenia) I just LOVE it so and its available at Pink Ribbon Fair as well.

You have until midnight! Don't waste time! Go! NOW! Click Here <-----

Love Always

Butterfly Baby Outfit
Skin: Mirror's Enigma - Lavenia Light (Pink w/ Cleavage) PRF Item!
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Rainshower Shadow
Hair: Truth - Selena in Clove
Ears & Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Pierced Ears in Cutie Cartoon Pack
Freckles: Damned - Freckles
Blush: Glamorize - Glowing Pink 50 opacity
Eyeshadow: Mirror's Enigma - Lavenia Eyeshadow in Desire PRF Hunt Item!
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Hot Hot Pink Nails
Teeth: Modish - Teeth 5
Dress: Ninight Creations - Endless Summer Dress #1 PRF Item!
Shoes: Random Inspiration - Cora Stiletto Heel
Necklace: Izzies - Heart Necklace
Butterfly (on Nose): Dark Midday Designs - Animated Butterfly
Butterflies (Roaming): Static - Butterflutter
Ring: EarthStone - Kameron Ring in Rose Quartz
Tail - Lemon Tea - Upright Demon Tail in Bumpy White
Posing: Glitterati - Bouquet
Prop: Glitterati - Bouquet
Location: My Home!

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