12 August 2012

Taste The Rainbow | RL Rantings ftw

Tastin my rainbow bitchessssss!?!?

Sorry about that...I'm not really a swearing type person...but I wanted to at least once or twice on this blog so there. I hope my mom isn't reading this (So sorry mama lol) As you all know...I love rainbows, bubbles, furbies, glitter, pink....I like cute things but that doesn't mean I'm ANYWHERE near a dumb woman. I may occasionally slip into my cute talk by saying "has" instead of have or add an s to the end of a word but that doesn't mean I don't know its not a real word.

I have an associates in Network Management would be bachelors if I wasn't so broke to pay for higher learning. I was part of my Debate team, a spelling wizards team, and I was a tutor for junior high students through my time in high school not to mention being a peer mediator and the head of the peer leaders council. I was in a program that earned me college credits when I was a sophomore. I have never been arrested nor gone to jail. I don't do drugs and I don't plan to. Overall I must say...I'm an extraordinary person when I want to be.

Just because I spend 70 percent of my life online doesn't mean I DON'T have MANY other things to offer to this world so don't get things wrong when you think you're talking to a dumb little girl in-world because "sweets" I'm not dumb. I'm not little and most important I'm damn sure not a girl. I'm a WOMAN that loves to be cute and adorable.

They always say at the end of the rainbow is a HUGE pot of gold. Well..here I am <3

Love Always

Splash of Rainbows Outfit
Skin: Mirror's Enigma - Ira in Smoky (Light)
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Anara - Customeyes
Hair: Magika - Secretive
Blush: Dead Apples- Anime Blusher
Lipstick: Glamorize - Tasty Kiss Lips in Taste The Rainbow
Teeth: Izzies - Teeth 3
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - ULTIMATE Nails (COMING SOON)
Top: Yopulga - Princess Mesh Shirt Found @ Fashion Quotes
Skirt: Cynful - Ruffle Mesh Skirt @ TDR
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - High Heel Platform shoes with Warmers
Bracelet: Sleeping Koala - Metal Floral Bangles
Bag: Toki Doki - Stumble Bag in Light
Tail: Luck Inc - The Tail in Fade to Black
Antlers: LaZo Boo Designs - Spring Horns

Song For The Moment
Extraordinary By Liz Phair

"I am extraordinary..if you'd ever get to know me
I am extraordinary..I am just your ordinary
Average everyday sane psycho supergoddess..."

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