30 August 2012

Being Cute is Sexy....

Hey Fashion Ladies and Gents

I'm back to my pink again....I couldn't fight the urge any longer so...I guess I failed. I wanted to be a mix of sexy and cute....that's what most of my friends know me for. I guess you can say I bring the Sexyback...cute style hehe. A little bit of Outfit info if you wanna read if not the credits are waiting for your hungry eyes 

Okay so....I bought Lola Pushup Implants a few nights ago and I hate to badmouth designers but I wasn't completely pleased with them.I mean...the actual shape is amazing on them but well...I have a HARD time with the color hud. You have to click the boobs to make them do anything. Positioning them was giving me a headache so I ended up going back to my mused. Maybe when I learn more or even find skin appliers for skins I wear (Hint Hint) I may wear them more.

I took a dive into my inventory and pulled out this see through sexy goodness. Its by Milk and its called My Sheer Mini and I heart it hardcore. If I was re-incarnated as a dress...I'd wanna make babies with this one :D I am wearing the pale pink but it also comes in Barbie Pink,Yellow, Blue, and Lilac.

I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and wasn't sure what to wear them with but I think they fit nicely with the mini to keep it from going ALL the way sexy. These are from Alterego called Panda Boots. There are many colors offered as well as some other VERY adorable boots.

I plan on doing a few posts today (if time allows it) I'm so inspired and energetic! Happy Shopping!

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Illusory - Love in Milk
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - London Fog
Hair: Point B - Sine in Winter
Hairbase: Point B Hairbase in Winter
Lipstick: Pink Acid - Matte Pastry Lipstick in Pink
Freckles: Essences - Freckles 01
Blush: Glamorize - Glowing Blush in Pink 50 Opacity
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - Hello Eye Makeup in white (Full Line Here)
Teeth:  Modish - Teeth 5
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Deluxe Nails in Fantasy
Dress: Milk - My Sheer Mini in Pale Pink
Panties: Cynful - Part of the Deliciousa in White The Attic
Shoes: Alter Ego - Panda Boots in White
Tail: Lemon Tea - Neko Tail in Persian White
Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears
Necklace: Izzies - Panda Necklace
Ring 1 (Left): Ben's Beauty - Sultan Ring in White
Ring 2 (Right): TDR Special - Hart Ring in White
Posing: Infinity Poses 

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